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Middle Tennessee Construction is proud to provide a variety of services to our clients throughout middle Tennessee. Our services are perfect for residential properties. Below is a list of our main services and a little about each.

Deck & Rail Configurations

Our decking installations are done quickly and efficiently. We offer different types of decking material for you to choose from. Wood, composite decking, and PVC options are available.

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Having a deck is the first step in creating a fun and functional outdoor space. Deck railing is the next step to create a safe environment while enjoying this area. Although the addition of railing creates a finished look, it provides an element of perimeter safety for family and guests. Aesthetic options are available in wood, composite, and aluminum.

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Covering / Screening in Decks

Not only can covering/screening in your deck provide additional privacy, but it can help extend your living space. While a deck is typically used during the warmer months, covering/screening can help extend usage through cooler months while providing protection from insects and inclement weather.

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Additional Services

At Middle Tennessee Construction, we have a strong focus on providing our clients with decking that will last you and your family many years. While focusing on decks is our main service, we also offer other home remodels!

Below are a few of those services:

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Bath/Kitchen Remodel

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Flooring Installation

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Outdoor Fireplace Installation

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Pergola Installation

If you are interested in any of these additional services, contact us by filling out the form below or call 615-900-0866.

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