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What type of decking do we use?

Middle Tennessee Construction has access to all types of decking materials. We have relationships with the national suppliers of deck and rail products. We will meet with you in person and understand what is important to you and provide you with design options that will fit your budget with the products that make sense for you.

What is composite decking?

Composite is a man-made material composed of recycled wood fiber, recycled plastic, bonding agents, and additional components like UV inhibitors. These ingredients form a low-maintenance, durable, versatile and aesthetic decking material that is heavier, stronger, and has a longer life span than pressure treated lumber.

How long does decking last?

Typically, treated wood decks have a life span of five to seven years. This timeframe can be improved dramatically with the addition of regularly scheduled cleaning/staining maintenance. Use of alternate materials such as composites can also dramatically extend the lifespan of a deck while eliminating most costly maintenance services during that lifetime. Wood is the least durable as compared to composite materials however it can last well over 10 years when accompanied with proper maintenance activities. Specifically, pressure treated wood needs to be cleaned regularly if you want to maintain the longevity of the deck. Additionally, if a stained look is desired then regular re-application will be needed to combat the bleaching that occurs from exposure to the sun. Although the initial cost of composite decking makes it more expensive than wood it requires dramatically less maintenance and as such could be more cost effective based on your overall needs. In addition, many composite deck brands offer fade and stain warranties, ranging between 20 and 50 years, that can help with the overall decision making.

How long is the deck building process?

Once started the average deck project can be completed in just a few days. Since the project is outdoors the impact and disruption to Middle Tennessee Construction’s customers daily routine is minimal as we would typically only need access to the outdoor area under construction.

How much will it cost to build my deck?

All of our projects are created custom for you! This will result in multiple key factors working together to get a true cost estimate. Some key factors include the following:

  1. Size, height and shape of the deck
  2. Decking material used: treated wood, composite, or PVC decking
  3. Type and materials of railing system: wood railing, composite, vinyl or aluminum

Call us and we can discuss your current situation and work with you based on your budget and goals for your project.

Below matrix provides overview of cost and service tradeoffs:

Decking Material Cost Maintenance Staining / Sanding Recycled Material Stain & Fade Protection
Treated Wood $ High Recommended No No
Composite Deck $$ Low No Yes Yes
PVC $$$ Low No Yes Yes

Do you offer other home remodels?

Yes, Middle Tennessee Construction is happy to discuss your project with you. This includes: decking, pergolas, screened in porches, outdoor fireplaces, bath remodels, flooring, etc. Call us with your project and let us help you make your vision a reality.

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